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"The Headless Hare is an artist and illustrator, often found dwelling in lush woodland or sweeping meadows. Their work is influenced by the ebb and flow of life; the interconnected strings between every being; the vices and virtues of both man and animal alike. Through delicate linework and subtle, muted colors do they hope to capture the intricacy between instinct and reason.

The Hare is fond of exploring darker themes, and often tries to find purpose in affairs such as life and death, folklore, religion, the unknown, and all in between. These topics are often intertwined into animals and act as a metaphor for our own human endeavors."


In my journey as an artist, I've experimented with many different types of mediums and materials. Between drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, photography; I'm always searching for new ways to express my thoughts and visions. Many works you will see come from an assortment of digital and physical tools.

If I'm not creating, you can find me reading, scavenging, or observing nature.

For those that may not know me, please feel free to take a look at my previous Etsy shop where you can see my past reviews.

  • the long harvest-linocut print-squirrel-chipmunk
  • the long harvest-linocut print-squirrel-chipmunk
  • the long harvest-linocut print-squirrel-chipmunk
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