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The Headless Hare

Terrarium Earrings 'Botanical'

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$14.99 USD
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Terrarium-style earrings with real dried plants, bones and stones, sculpted in a glass vial. Earrings come sealed, attached with a dangle/fish-hook style hardware. Handmade by the artist. Sold as one pair.

Raw materials are harvested at peak times and in small batches, as not to disturb the ecosystem. Materials are washed and dried before use. Bone pieces are picked at random, and are sanitized.

Since all pieces are handmade, there may be some slight variations in bone type and presentation. 

Great for gifts, cosplaying/renfaire, etc.

JAR SIZE: Small: 1cm x 2.5cm, Medium: 1.5cm x  2.75cm (including cork, not including hardware)

MEDIUM: Real plant material, bones, stones in glass, cork

EDITION: Open edition

SHIPPING: Ships in durable eco-friendly packaging

Ships to U.S. only.